Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Happens in the Vegas Visitor Stays in the Vegas Visitor (Day Two)

I'm salivating over who was playing the week of May 28th in 1971 in Vegas. Rickles, Lana Cantrell, Diahann Carroll, Patti Page. Well maybe not Patti Page. I went to see her show about three years ago at the now defunct Drury Land Martinique. Granted she sounded fantastic, but her act was really uninspired. The strangest part was that she used a portion of her show to promote her Patti Page Maple Syrup. She boasted that every time the jar was opened you could hear Patti's voice wafting out of the jar singing some song about syrup. I'm not joking... Go Here. I'm sure that Hank Williams Jr. has some tales to tell about his time in Vegas With the Singing Rage.

Do Ho performed up until the week before he died. I could have gone to see him at the Martinique but for some reason I didn't. Like Robert Goulet, I like the idea of Don Ho, but I'm not really a fan, I have a couple of his albums, but I don't think I've ever played them. But I would have killed to see Rusty Warren in the Casino Theatre.

I wonder if Don every stayed at the Westward Ho. It seems like a nice place. I wish every business would come out and proclaim "No Deceptions".
At the Aladdin, is a guy who is still going strong, Rip Taylor. I used to wait up every time he was on Carson to see him throw his confetti around. That's when gay was really GAY! "Hello...". My favorite thing about the show is the "All You Can Drink" for $2.95. I'd have to go to the hospital afterwards.

And speaking of cheap dates. It was only $5.75 to see George Gobel and Fran Jefferies.
But the real show must have been to be whisked to the 31st floor, top of the strip and see The New Ideas. I can just smell the cigarette smoke now. But what really looks fabulous is the T-Bird show, Latin Fire '72. Now that's Vegas!

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