Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Viva The Las Vegas Visitor (day one)

Several years ago my pal Mike gave me this truly spectacular bit of ephemera. I've never been to Las Vegas, I've made plans but they always fell through. Somehow I think I'd be disappointed because I hear that Vegas is now a big amusement park geared for families; I'd be looking for the sleazy casinos and $10 rooms. All that's left of that glamorous time are just a few wrinkled ads in the Las Vegas Visitor, May 28, 1971.

Heidi Bruhl passed away from cancer in 1991. She was a big star in Germany where she was known as Germany's Doris Day. I wonder if Heidi participated in the Roman Orgy or the Live Chariot Race?

I'm not sure how many people would remember Totie Fields, but she was always on Carson, or Merv. She was also one of the first performers I can remember that had diabetes and talked openly about her losing a leg to it. She was a class act.
Who knew that Siegfried and Roy ever were cute young men? Here they are before they discovered the art of making cats disappear.
I wasn't kidding about $10 a night rooms. But can you believe free panty hose!?
When Mike and I started Bric-a-Brac I think our main goal was not to be famous but to be able to play every night for 217 weeks in a row... And holy smokes they are still around: Los Blues new album.

Just how loud could the Las Vegas strip have been that to "get away from the noise of The Strip" you would go to the airport to have dinner.

Blousey broads in a bed... that's comedy gold that never gets old.

Here is a topless act presented by a woman. Judy Bayley. The Korean Kittens must have been a success because they named a theatre after her. The Judy Bayley Center for Performing Arts in Las Vegas. Can anyone shed any light about how she went from topless dance review promoter to having a theatre at the university?
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pussreboots said...

I'm looking forward to what else you have to post. These are cool! said...

I recommend this video:

In fact, if I can dig up my copy, I will gladly lend it to you. I'm not sure why I bought it, or what I thought I was getting, but it is such a collection of 70s stuff that it was well worth the price.

It's a late 70s HBO (HBO in the 70s!) comeback performance that Totie made after her surgery to remove her leg. The first 15 minutes or so of the special is coverage of all of Totie's Hollywood friends (Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, Milton Berle, Florence Henderson, all in the height of mid-70s fashion!) getting on a plane to fly to Vegas for the show and talking about how proud they are of her.

There's all sorts of backstage stuff with Bob Mackie and his gowns for Totie and well wishers in her dressing room.

And the show itself is remarkable, not only for the jokes about her comeback and dealing with a prosthetic leg, but about how dirty the entertainment on TV has gotten, and about how the Israelis need to be killing more Arabs.

Sorry for the ramble, but the mention of Totie just got me going.