Monday, September 24, 2007

Music Mondays presents:
Dick Williams' Kids sing Songs for Big People

Oh, how I miss the ALS Mammoth Music Mart. The treasures I found there for less than a five dollars. For example, this gem of an album. Having children do things that adults do has always been cute. Playing house, pretending to be firemen, etc. So why not have three talented kids sing some standards. Linda Ross, Frankie Hubert, Craig Sechler, as it explains in the liner notes are no stranger to show business; and they are in demand for everything from Cracker Jack commercials to road companies of The Sound of Music. Perhaps they've lived enough to truly understand the meaning behind 'Come Rain or Come Shine'; "Im gonna love you like nobodys loved you..." And I can assume that when they sing about that 'old feeling' they are referring to something that happened in the 2nd grade.

Dick Williams explains that his reason behind this album is because America had suffered through a decade of teenism and their music had taken over. I guess this was his revenge. As Jason Ankeny from the All Music Guide wrote a couple years ago when reviewing an import CD release of this album: "That sound you hear isn't the record rotating on the turntable--it's Billie Holiday spinning in her grave." I still think the album is a hoot and it makes me happy and uneasy at the same time... (And is there something subliminal going on with the cover. Everytime I've looked at it since I've posted it my mind reads it as something dirty.)


That Old Feeling

All of Me

Im in the Mood for Love

Come Rain Or Come Shine

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