Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Incredible Edible...
I'm not a cook. My diet usually consists of salads, meat, pasta, or anything else that doesn't require much thought. So I don't know why I have so many recipe books. For a while I was facinated by the gross photos in them. This one I could use because I can at least make eggs. However, as a friend of mine can attest, until just a few months ago I couldn't make a hard boiled egg. They kept coming out all runny. It didn't matter now long I thought I left them in, they always had runny yolks. A trip to Martha Stewart's site set me straight.

So before I make my egg dinner tonight, I thought I'd be a good friend to everyone and share some lovely egg recipes from the book "300 Ways to Serve Eggs". Which should not be confused with the Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man".
These cook books have some truly disturbing photos of food in them.
A few years ago James Lilek's wrote a book called The Gallery of Regrettable Food. I loved it, and bought several copies, but then in reading his web-site found out he is a Neo-Con Republican pundit. Although he is funnier than Ann Coulter, he still sort of turned me off with his politics.

This photo is a good example of a regrettable image that reminds me more of Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors than a lovely meal.

This photo is just as disgusting as those internet websites that advertise colon cleansing products that always have a photo of someone showing off their extremely long fecal matter... yek!

Click on the page to see the many ways to make creamed eggs.

The photo below looks like it should accompany a cautionary tale of food poisoning and not something that the whole family will love to see when they sit down at the dinner table!

Click on the pages below for some egg salad or omelet filling ideas... Halloween Egg Salad anyone... And now it's time for my dinner... I think eggs in aspic sounds good tonight. Yum...


Frankie said...

What a great way to start the day -- I can guarantee my diet will go well today after seeing these photos and reading your descriptions! lmao

Anonymous said...

See, I never looked at any of those colon cleansing sites, and then your post piqued my curiosity, and NOW I've got that image of extra- long fecal matter in my head for eternity. Ewwww. And Wow.

Saint Pud said...

Well, I can't say I've seen any colon-cleansing websites, so I will have to take your word on that one. None can possibly be any worse than this shoppe of runny, yolky horrors you've so generously posted. I think I actually have this book but have heretofore been reluctant to venture inside. It's nice to know my instincts were, as usual, dead on in this regard. I'll never forget the time I saw aspic noted on a menu and was given my aunt's description, which she knew would send shivvers down my little spine. I was a shy and simple gal from the South where such questionable delicacies were never introduced into my education. And it's a good thing, too. I was having a hard enough time dealing with people who thought nothing of sucking the insides out of crawdads which, to this day, I'm convinced are nothing more than glorified cockroaches. At least they aren't generall served with eggs!

Hmmm...I'm glad to know the truth about Lileks. As with this egg book, I will trust your good judgement rather than venture inside.

Charlene said...

One good thing about the colon cleansing sites is that all the images (as well as all the information) are 100% fake, no exceptions, no discussion. So you can look at the cookie dough pretending to be feces and feel a little less nauseated.