Monday, September 17, 2007

I think that Britney Spears should have come out at the VMA awards and did this... she would have won back all of our hearts...

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Marna said...

Ohmigod, Seámus and I just saw this on an Irish TV morning program a couple weeks ago! They were doing a 3 way competition, kind of like Dancing With The Stars, where dog and human companion pairs would work with celibrity dog trainers for a few weeks and be videotaped every now and then so the TV viewing audience could see their progress, and then at the end, they got graded on the same kind of scale used for Olympic ice skaters, gymnasts and similar. So anyway, we were watching the day they had the finals and it was kind of crazy, but kind of fun.

Britney Spears just does not have herself together emotionally well enough to work this closely with a dog, even a dog that loved her very much. Dogs need clear signals for stuff like this and there's just no way Britney could give them in her current state.

But I agree, this is the kind of thing she should shoot for in order to have a successful comeback. Dancing badly in her underwear just will not do the trick.