Monday, September 17, 2007

I Haven't the Vegas (Visitor) Idea
(Day Three)

Now this is my kind of strip show. Big bazooms, lots of chiffon, and eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner. The Big Mamas topless dancers look a tad worse for wear in this photo. Less like professional strippers and more like a group of suburban secretaries out on a toot. But if they were starring with Los Blues, I can only guess this is the fourth year of this show. The songstar Jewel Brown still performs in New Orleans and is something of a jazz/blues legend having started with Louis Armstrong's band. All that and boobs!

Anne Murray is so young in 1971 that she was still using her high school year book photo in her press kit. She was riding high with her Snowbird song and opening up for Glen Campbell.

Several years ago at the Drury Lane Martinique I went to go see Keely Smith's show. It was fantastic! Keely reminisced about Louis with the audience and noted that he would have been so happy with his new found popularity. When hipster lounge music came back into vogue ten years ago he was the bomb, as the kids would say.

I always found him a bit too loud and rough for my tastes. This show looks like a senior citizen act with playing with Tex Beneke and the Modernaires. Had he lived I bet he would have been touring with David Lee Roth, and would have been all over MTV instead of Tony Bennett.

Paradise Spa looks like what they used to call Singles Apartments. This ad promises water, steam and beautiful girls cavorting by the stream. Just the thing for a newly divorced man.

The Coulter Twins!!! (Perhaps this is Ann Coulter's dirty secret. You know she has one.) I love this ad. The copy is fantastic:

'It's songs, comedy, and philosophy blended in the modern fashion for your pleasure.' Somebody find me a time machine and get me to the Four Queens. And if you look back at my past posts, the Four Queens was the hotel that was giving away pantyhose. I'm swimming in a placid sea of camp!

This is the Hues Corporation before they ever got into that boat and began to Rock it.
And I close this little journey into the Spring of 1971. But not before the coup de grĂ¢ce of Vegas Visitor ads. Yes, no cover, no minimum, 66 cent drinks, and Mimi the Topless Organist at the Singing Sword Lounge.

See you at the 1:15 AM Show!

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