Thursday, September 20, 2007

Barbra's Bra
or what the well dressed superstar
is selling at their
Fall garage sale.
I'm sure it's all for a good cause... Although I've not looked to see what organizations the Barbra Streisand Foundation supports, but I just had to post that Barbra is selling her red hooker bra for the small price of $79.99. Now you too can live out those fantasies of being Mrs. James Brolin. I've two words: HOLY MOLY. or as Gene Kelly said in Singing in the Rain: "Dignity, always dignity".

For more of frumpy ware go to: Barbra's ebay Starwares sale. There are some bargains on there... I know someone who actually bought one of her old toasters through these sales. One (wo)man's garbage...

1 comment:

Charlene said...

Some of those clothes are at least 15 years old if the style is anything to go by. I covet that red dress, though.