Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lost Horizon... This is my new favorite YouTube video. It's a rendition of a song from the 70's flop Burt Bacharach musical Lost Horizon. For those of you unfamiliar with this film, it was a Ross Hunter production with all the big stars of the day Peter Finch, Liv Ullmann, Sally Kellerman, Oliva Hussey, Michael York, and the ever present Bobby Van. It was more known for the huge amount of money it lost than for anything else. (In the trade papers it was known as Lost Investment.) However, people my age remember it fondly for it's repeated 70's TV showings.

Several years ago I caught it when it played on AMC ; and I learned that some childhood memories should be left as memories. I found it long and clumsy. As Bette Midler would joke on the Tonight Show, "I never miss a Liv Ullmann musical". One of the very awkward numbers featured in the film is this song; Sally Kellerman and Olivia Hussey sing about their two different worlds, one of work and strife the other of peace and leisure. It's a good song, with all the amazing Burt Bacharach-isms one would expect, but it's badly staged. Sally and Olivia running about in a room jumping on desks and crawling up ladders in a library, much like the dance numbers I would do in my parent's basement when I was ten. The great choreographer Hermes Pan, who had worked with Fred Astaire, was panned for his work on this film.

This morning Gary sent me this video and I've been hooked on it all day. It's everything that the musical number wasn't in the movie... alive! It's really well planned out, and makes me want to know these two Dutch guys... I hope you like it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oral History...

The look of utter distain on this little girl's face sends chills down my spine.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Music Mondays presents:
Dick Williams' Kids sing Songs for Big People

Oh, how I miss the ALS Mammoth Music Mart. The treasures I found there for less than a five dollars. For example, this gem of an album. Having children do things that adults do has always been cute. Playing house, pretending to be firemen, etc. So why not have three talented kids sing some standards. Linda Ross, Frankie Hubert, Craig Sechler, as it explains in the liner notes are no stranger to show business; and they are in demand for everything from Cracker Jack commercials to road companies of The Sound of Music. Perhaps they've lived enough to truly understand the meaning behind 'Come Rain or Come Shine'; "Im gonna love you like nobodys loved you..." And I can assume that when they sing about that 'old feeling' they are referring to something that happened in the 2nd grade.

Dick Williams explains that his reason behind this album is because America had suffered through a decade of teenism and their music had taken over. I guess this was his revenge. As Jason Ankeny from the All Music Guide wrote a couple years ago when reviewing an import CD release of this album: "That sound you hear isn't the record rotating on the turntable--it's Billie Holiday spinning in her grave." I still think the album is a hoot and it makes me happy and uneasy at the same time... (And is there something subliminal going on with the cover. Everytime I've looked at it since I've posted it my mind reads it as something dirty.)


That Old Feeling

All of Me

Im in the Mood for Love

Come Rain Or Come Shine

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Barbra's Bra
or what the well dressed superstar
is selling at their
Fall garage sale.
I'm sure it's all for a good cause... Although I've not looked to see what organizations the Barbra Streisand Foundation supports, but I just had to post that Barbra is selling her red hooker bra for the small price of $79.99. Now you too can live out those fantasies of being Mrs. James Brolin. I've two words: HOLY MOLY. or as Gene Kelly said in Singing in the Rain: "Dignity, always dignity".

For more of frumpy ware go to: Barbra's ebay Starwares sale. There are some bargains on there... I know someone who actually bought one of her old toasters through these sales. One (wo)man's garbage...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like a new lease on life...

If it is this much drama when their child can't shit what was it like when there were real problems. Discuss...

Monday, September 17, 2007

I think that Britney Spears should have come out at the VMA awards and did this... she would have won back all of our hearts...

I Haven't the Vegas (Visitor) Idea
(Day Three)

Now this is my kind of strip show. Big bazooms, lots of chiffon, and eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner. The Big Mamas topless dancers look a tad worse for wear in this photo. Less like professional strippers and more like a group of suburban secretaries out on a toot. But if they were starring with Los Blues, I can only guess this is the fourth year of this show. The songstar Jewel Brown still performs in New Orleans and is something of a jazz/blues legend having started with Louis Armstrong's band. All that and boobs!

Anne Murray is so young in 1971 that she was still using her high school year book photo in her press kit. She was riding high with her Snowbird song and opening up for Glen Campbell.

Several years ago at the Drury Lane Martinique I went to go see Keely Smith's show. It was fantastic! Keely reminisced about Louis with the audience and noted that he would have been so happy with his new found popularity. When hipster lounge music came back into vogue ten years ago he was the bomb, as the kids would say.

I always found him a bit too loud and rough for my tastes. This show looks like a senior citizen act with playing with Tex Beneke and the Modernaires. Had he lived I bet he would have been touring with David Lee Roth, and would have been all over MTV instead of Tony Bennett.

Paradise Spa looks like what they used to call Singles Apartments. This ad promises water, steam and beautiful girls cavorting by the stream. Just the thing for a newly divorced man.

The Coulter Twins!!! (Perhaps this is Ann Coulter's dirty secret. You know she has one.) I love this ad. The copy is fantastic:

'It's songs, comedy, and philosophy blended in the modern fashion for your pleasure.' Somebody find me a time machine and get me to the Four Queens. And if you look back at my past posts, the Four Queens was the hotel that was giving away pantyhose. I'm swimming in a placid sea of camp!

This is the Hues Corporation before they ever got into that boat and began to Rock it.
And I close this little journey into the Spring of 1971. But not before the coup de grĂ¢ce of Vegas Visitor ads. Yes, no cover, no minimum, 66 cent drinks, and Mimi the Topless Organist at the Singing Sword Lounge.

See you at the 1:15 AM Show!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

There Was Only One Pearl Bailey

I've rediscovered a wonderful singer that you don't hear too much about today: Pearl Bailey. During my 'crazy' record transferring project I'm playing albums I've not played years. This week I transferred all my Pearl Bailey albums. While listening to these records I was struck by what a fantastic and underrated singer she was. I may have to do a podcast with her songs because there are so many choice cuts.

I remember that my parents would love it when ever Pearl Bailey was on TV. Since my parents were/are pretty racist, excitement for a black performer was was rare. I think only Sammy Davis Jr and Moms Mabley were given higher ratings in my house. Pearl was a powerhouse personality; she had an amazing voice, fabulous comic timing, and a strong woman sexuality that must have blown out people's perceptions of what a woman could be, let alone a black woman. Her albums from the 50's all have warnings on them like: Restricted. Not suitable for airplay. Adults only. Perfect for parties.

Below, I've included three of my favorites; they are hardly pornographic, and remind me more of Sophie Tucker than Rusty Warren.

So, here I feature the one and only Pearlie Mae.... (When the hell is Queen Latfah going to play her in a movie; Oh, wait, she is doing that in every one of her movies already)

What Happened to the Hair on the Head of the Man I Love

Since I Became a Hussy for My Husband

He Maybe Your Man But He Comes to See Me Sometimes

I love this clip; Dinah and Pearl seem like they are having so much fun, and Dinah seems generally surprised by everything that comes out of Pearl's mouth.

I love how Pearl plays off of Andy's all American whitebred personality. Andy and Pearl's voices go well together.

What ever became of his movie? I'm sure the preview is the best thing about it...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Happens in the Vegas Visitor Stays in the Vegas Visitor (Day Two)

I'm salivating over who was playing the week of May 28th in 1971 in Vegas. Rickles, Lana Cantrell, Diahann Carroll, Patti Page. Well maybe not Patti Page. I went to see her show about three years ago at the now defunct Drury Land Martinique. Granted she sounded fantastic, but her act was really uninspired. The strangest part was that she used a portion of her show to promote her Patti Page Maple Syrup. She boasted that every time the jar was opened you could hear Patti's voice wafting out of the jar singing some song about syrup. I'm not joking... Go Here. I'm sure that Hank Williams Jr. has some tales to tell about his time in Vegas With the Singing Rage.

Do Ho performed up until the week before he died. I could have gone to see him at the Martinique but for some reason I didn't. Like Robert Goulet, I like the idea of Don Ho, but I'm not really a fan, I have a couple of his albums, but I don't think I've ever played them. But I would have killed to see Rusty Warren in the Casino Theatre.

I wonder if Don every stayed at the Westward Ho. It seems like a nice place. I wish every business would come out and proclaim "No Deceptions".
At the Aladdin, is a guy who is still going strong, Rip Taylor. I used to wait up every time he was on Carson to see him throw his confetti around. That's when gay was really GAY! "Hello...". My favorite thing about the show is the "All You Can Drink" for $2.95. I'd have to go to the hospital afterwards.

And speaking of cheap dates. It was only $5.75 to see George Gobel and Fran Jefferies.
But the real show must have been to be whisked to the 31st floor, top of the strip and see The New Ideas. I can just smell the cigarette smoke now. But what really looks fabulous is the T-Bird show, Latin Fire '72. Now that's Vegas!

a few more pages to come...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Viva The Las Vegas Visitor (day one)

Several years ago my pal Mike gave me this truly spectacular bit of ephemera. I've never been to Las Vegas, I've made plans but they always fell through. Somehow I think I'd be disappointed because I hear that Vegas is now a big amusement park geared for families; I'd be looking for the sleazy casinos and $10 rooms. All that's left of that glamorous time are just a few wrinkled ads in the Las Vegas Visitor, May 28, 1971.

Heidi Bruhl passed away from cancer in 1991. She was a big star in Germany where she was known as Germany's Doris Day. I wonder if Heidi participated in the Roman Orgy or the Live Chariot Race?

I'm not sure how many people would remember Totie Fields, but she was always on Carson, or Merv. She was also one of the first performers I can remember that had diabetes and talked openly about her losing a leg to it. She was a class act.
Who knew that Siegfried and Roy ever were cute young men? Here they are before they discovered the art of making cats disappear.
I wasn't kidding about $10 a night rooms. But can you believe free panty hose!?
When Mike and I started Bric-a-Brac I think our main goal was not to be famous but to be able to play every night for 217 weeks in a row... And holy smokes they are still around: Los Blues new album.

Just how loud could the Las Vegas strip have been that to "get away from the noise of The Strip" you would go to the airport to have dinner.

Blousey broads in a bed... that's comedy gold that never gets old.

Here is a topless act presented by a woman. Judy Bayley. The Korean Kittens must have been a success because they named a theatre after her. The Judy Bayley Center for Performing Arts in Las Vegas. Can anyone shed any light about how she went from topless dance review promoter to having a theatre at the university?
More to come...

Monday, September 10, 2007

MegaStreisand Declares...

I haven't posted anything Barbra for a while... and I wanted to post more of these 'yellow journalism' newspapers. Now that Weekly World News is closing what will I do for my sensationalized scandals. I guess I'll have to go back to watching the nightly news.

Here is a audio of a rehearsal recording of Barbra doing a Carole King song for her album Butterfly. Considering the awful songs on that album I don't know why this one didn't make the cut, I kinda like it...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wonderful World

Truly amazing!

h/t World of Wonder

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Incredible Edible...
I'm not a cook. My diet usually consists of salads, meat, pasta, or anything else that doesn't require much thought. So I don't know why I have so many recipe books. For a while I was facinated by the gross photos in them. This one I could use because I can at least make eggs. However, as a friend of mine can attest, until just a few months ago I couldn't make a hard boiled egg. They kept coming out all runny. It didn't matter now long I thought I left them in, they always had runny yolks. A trip to Martha Stewart's site set me straight.

So before I make my egg dinner tonight, I thought I'd be a good friend to everyone and share some lovely egg recipes from the book "300 Ways to Serve Eggs". Which should not be confused with the Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man".
These cook books have some truly disturbing photos of food in them.
A few years ago James Lilek's wrote a book called The Gallery of Regrettable Food. I loved it, and bought several copies, but then in reading his web-site found out he is a Neo-Con Republican pundit. Although he is funnier than Ann Coulter, he still sort of turned me off with his politics.

This photo is a good example of a regrettable image that reminds me more of Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors than a lovely meal.

This photo is just as disgusting as those internet websites that advertise colon cleansing products that always have a photo of someone showing off their extremely long fecal matter... yek!

Click on the page to see the many ways to make creamed eggs.

The photo below looks like it should accompany a cautionary tale of food poisoning and not something that the whole family will love to see when they sit down at the dinner table!

Click on the pages below for some egg salad or omelet filling ideas... Halloween Egg Salad anyone... And now it's time for my dinner... I think eggs in aspic sounds good tonight. Yum...