Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Postcards of Della Basil of Delta, Iowa
Day Two
March 1909

This is a mysterious scene to have with this caption, "I'll leave my happy home for you". Mainly why would Cora pick this card to send to here Aunt Della. And what is the man pointing at?
Dear Aunt, Received your card and was glad to hear from you. What are you doing for your health now days. I am working on a farm for my health, just now. Are all well at present except colds? It isn't very nice weather here at present. How are all the folks? Is Grandma still at your house? Answer soon. With love to all, Cora

No date, no stamp.
There are several post cards without a stamp. Did they come C.O.D? How the world has changed with having to only put the name of the person and the town they lived in and expect it to get to them.
Dear Aunt Della, I read your letter and was very glad to hear from you. Would like to see you folks. When are you going to clean house or have you got it done? Would come and help you if I would be any help to you. We are all well and hope you folks are the same. As ever Cora and the girls. (at the top of the card) Wish you a Happy and Bright Birthday. Call the baby, Rogale. Salora is as fat as pig. Answer soon. (Cora)

Looks like 1913 Click here to learn more about McCook. Hello every body. Why don't you write? We are all well. We have been to the river and waded; had a dandy time. Mrs. Paulson and I are going to the ballgame this evening. Can't you folks come out the nats (sic) are gone and you could have a dandy time. Write Soon. Alice.

1911 9AM

Della's mother must have been ill for some time from 1909-1920 there are a series of cards saying sorry to hear you mother is sick.
Dear friend, As I hear your mother is sick and we are all sorry to hear of it. We have been awfully busy. The folks picked twenty-two gallons of blackberries yesterday and then did not get them all picked. They are selling them for .35 (?) a gallon. How soon do you think you will start home? Hope Ellen soon gets better. How are the rest of the folk? Clara.

November 7, 1913

I don't know anything about Rock Falls, IL but this wins my vote for most dismal looking postcard. Was this the most scenic view in town...? I think that Jesse Paul must have gotten a job at the International Works. And I want to start ending my e-mails with "I am as ever..."

Hello how are you? I am O.K. Went to work this A.M. Isn't so bad either. Will write you a letter soon. I am as ever, Jesse Paul.

This is the last of the Della post cards, I'll continue one more day of other postcard finds... until then, I am as ever, Johnny C.

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