Sunday, August 12, 2007

Merv Griffin RIP 1925-2007

It's as if every weekend I'm writing a memorial post to someone who was a big part of my formative years . And once again this weekend we lost one of the best, Merv Griffin. I don't know where to begin with how influential he was on everything I love today; He was such a lover of classic Hollywood: I would most likely never have heard of all the classic stars and films I love today if not for him; He became a self-parody of of gushing over people like Ann Miller, Peggy Lee, Lucille Ball or Fred Astaire. Like Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, and Johnny Carson he was another friendly face and bright personality that my family welcomed into our livingroom almost every night. For a while he was one of the big three, every night my parents would first see who Carson had on, then Merv, and then as a last straw they would put on Cavett. Merv seemed to be excited about everything. "Oooh, here's Liza, she's wearing a new Bob Mackie dress" or "Your movie is going to be a big hit". It was all Hollywood bullshit, but done with all the old fashioned glitz and glamour that made me want to see "The Swarm" or "Mame" just because Merv was so excited about them. I know I've said this before about Mike Douglas, Tom Snyder and other memorials... but there will only be one Merv. I'm only hoping that if there is an after life that Merv and Eva Gabor are planning a fabulous celestial dinner party right now with 'ooh, some exciting guests'.

I've included some music for you to remember Merv by... he wasn't just a personality, but a really fun singer. My favorite song of his is "Prunes". It always makes me happy!

One of my favorite albums that has gotten many a spin a some of my best parties "Merv Griffin's Dance Party". Merv was supposed to have sung next month with Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. What a great show that would have been... Well, have a mini Merv Concert of your own with some cuts from "Merv Griffin's Dance Party...

RIP Merv...

Merv's only big hit "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"

Banned in Boston

The Charanga


Anonymous said...

is it just me, or are alot of people dying lately?

Gary Airedale

Aaron said...

It goes in's the Rapture, don'tcha know. Soon there will be nobody left but Republicans and Keith Richards, and God will destroy the earth.

David said...

I loved Merv in The Man with Two Brains. I have a tape of Joan going on about the atrocious state of new Hollywood on Merv.

Charlene said...

Often with the terminally ill and elderly you get two waves of death per year: one in August, the summer cold season, and one in January/February, at the beginning of influenza season.