Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let Us Join In the Game
and other tales from the Really Dead Letter Office.
Day Three

I continue with one more day of picture postcards and I start with this very shocking display of a couple doing lustful things. The back of this card addressed to Miss. Sadie Jenssen of Forest Lake, Minnesota just simply says: Your Sincerely, Leo.
It just made my heart flutter.

February 1910.
I love that someone would send a card with a tableau of a scene of a wife catching her husband with a corset in his suitcase; just a sordid little scene to say hello.

Dear Sis, I am well and having a good time here in Frisco. I am going swimming tonight. Come and go along, Your loving bro, Sam

July 2, 1909.

The next two are addressed to Chas Kleberger of Monroe Wisconsin. Chas' friends have very good taste in picking out tasteful, cards. I hope that his friend found the paper he was looking for.
Dear Chas, Charley can you or, guess I better say you are coming home before I come to the city in September? I wish you would ask Mrs. M if she found a paper I left there, with music on one side and words on the other. I want it. Are you homesick. Do you ever go to see Mrs. Krippener? A.K.

San Francisco, Feb 8, 1912

Dear Friend, Your card received, many thanks. I just came home from the country today. Now bet I think I'm going out for another time with her Saturday night. Sorry you haven't found that girl's address. Maybe you will find one of her other dresses. Ha. Ha. Has been very nice here today. Dave. Excuse pencil.

October 2nd, 1913

A couple years ago, my friend Seamus and I wrote a song based on this card. And based on the content. I'll have to see if I can find a copy.

Dear cousin, I came very near coming to see you the week of the fair, but my! That rain. I was glad to stay at home. Who was asking about me? You certainly didn't tell them that we are related, did you? Ha Ha. Well I'm glad you like it. I think Albion is a mighty nice place. Would like to live there. When are you coming home and can't you come up? Bertha.

Finally, this lovely card about a man obviously on the verge of alcohol poisoning, in Denver Colorado. With this romantic proposition scrawled across the front.

Martha send me one of your pictures. How would you like to be along side of me same as in Chicago?

So romantic... until next time. I am as always... etc...


michaelrbn@aol.com said...

Love your site. Is it possible the picture of the orchids is posted up-side down? Anyhoo, thanks for a great series of fascinating posts.

Johnny C said...

You know it is upside down...and I don't even think they are orchids...

Erik said...

A.K. sounds like kind of a jerk. I like that Dave though, he has a way with puns.

Anonymous said...

Those are some type of "fuschia".

Aaron said...

My mom would freak out over these old post cards! I've gotta show her this site...

Aaron said...

"Frisco?" "Bro?" That Sam must have been the world's first hippie!