Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happiness is a Dry Martini, by Johnny Carson
Illustrated by Whitney Darrow Jr.
I have had this book since high school picking it up at a used book store. "This is going to be worth something someday" I thought. "I will save this book and years from now I'll sell it and make a fortune." (That was a reoccurring theme with my teenage friends 'This is going to be worth a fortune one day'. I'll always remember Paul's brother's Kiss Revolver album that we were forbidden to even look at or John Tready seriously saying that his sealed copy of John Lennon's Double Fantasy would be 'worth a fortune' in ten years. There were millions printed! Although I've seen the Kiss album on e-bay for up to $25, the Lennon album is going at a high cost of $10. A cool profit of about $2.)

This evening looking through the book shelf, the Carson book caught my eye. I don't think I've ever opened it because nothing in here looked familiar. The cartoons are of the cocktail napkin variety, and honestly the cocktail napkins I published earlier are funnier. They follow the same formula: fantasies about killing your wife or mother-in-law, naked ladies, and the joy of drinking to excess. They are sort of fun in their complete political incorrectness. I don't think even our most radical comics today would recommend drinking while taking care of your baby.

And in posting these another question I've pondered: The story about the naked girl jumping out of a cake. I've seen it in cartoons and movies. But did it ever happen? Has anyone ever had any experience with a cake jumper. How would you make a cake for a full adult woman to jump out? Is the cake built around her? How long would she have to stay in the cake? Is it a real cake? The questions are endless. I throw this out to the land of blogdom for your answers.

I'm only posting a few comics... let me know if you want more of this classic Carson Comedy... that is until the attorneys call me to take it down. Oh, and by the way, this book is going for $1.99 on ebay... I think I actually lost money on it...


Christina said...

Yes! Please keep these coming!
I think my parents had this book on their shelf when I was growing up. I used to look at it when I was way too young to know what that stuff meant. I think it warped my mind.

Erik said...

Is it odd that Johnny had two cartoons about the joys of looking at another man naked?

Edwardo said...

I only counted one cartoon about a naked man. Unless, you're counting the baby (sex undetermined).

maggie said...

It just means you have to keep doggedly holding on to the book. Any day now it's going to skyrocket, and those eBayers are going to be weeping.