Thursday, August 09, 2007

...And Now Something for the GrownupsIn the 30s and 40s when men had stag parties they must have been desperate for any form of titillation. Hence, the party record was invented. I've quite a few in my collection, and each one is stranger than the last. I offer a couple of the more whimsical ones as an example. Both of these cuts go to prove that everyone has a dirty mind.

The first song The Dental Song has a strange memory for me. Some where around the 3rd or 4th grade a sheet of paper was going around the school with the same story as this song, except I think a bit raunchier, "Doctor, that's too big to fit in my mouth!" "I'll put it in slow..." etc. To my horror my mother found it and completely freaked out. My pure mind was sullen with thoughts of dental debauchery, even though I'm sure I had no idea what any of it meant. There was a lot of yelling, and demands to know where I got it from, childhood playmates were now all suspect. After the blow out, it was the last I saw of it; That was until years later when I was in high school and I was looking through my parent's drawers for something. There among my birth certificate, baptismal papers, and baby's first teeth box was this paper with the Dental Song lyrics. She had taken it and put it with my other childhood remembrances. It still creeps me out...

Try to enjoy
THE DENTAL SONG (Pearl Trio - Pearl Records) Ironically, my mother's name is Pearl.

A HOLE IN ONE (Kicks Record Label)

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