Monday, July 16, 2007

Two reasons I don't drink coffee
besides the acid re-flux.

The pent up rage in these commercials was enough to start the women's movement.
Are they really talking about coffee?

And this floated around the web a while back;
I repeat it because it's one of the most amazing bits of advertising I've ever seen.


maggie said...

Make your own coffee then, you condescending bastard...

Aaron said...

Thank you! If my spouse talked to me that way (again), he'd be wearing the entire pot all over his pin-sized head. Boiling hot.

Charlene said...

This is how advertising works. First, convince viewers that those expensive electric percolators are necessary for good coffee. Then tell them their coffee is horrible, and this instant coffee is "just as good as perked coffee".

If they had just stuck to old-fashioned drip machines, their coffee would have been fine.

Although I doubt the men who in real life tried this out on their partners got a pot of coffee on their heads. They probably didn't get anything at all - for a very long time.

Aaron said...

Then I bet they went through a lot of Kleenex!