Sunday, July 01, 2007

Something for the Males...
While the ladies are crafting and eagerly awaiting their next issue of 'Women's Household; I thought I'd present one of my favorite manly men magazines: "SIR". This issue from September 1954 is chock full as much cold war paranoia, sexual frustration, and tame titillation that could be packed into its 82 pages. The articles in this issue include a feature on why people become murderers; a sordid tale of a love triangle in Alaska; Can the Russians sterilize all the men in American?; A feature on a New York "School for Alcoholics"; And a profile of the often married, asbestos heir, and playboy Tommy Manville. Peppered among these are ads for hair rejuvenating lotions and trusses.

Interestingly, climate change is addressed; but the pressing issue is more how will global warming affect the way our women look. According to this article, New York will become warmer and therefore the women will begin to look like South Pacific maidens, complete with sarongs, while in the West, as the temperatures cool, our women will have to dress up like Mimi Van Doreen to keep warm in mink coats. The author also encourages couples to move to Canada where it will be cooler because women don't like to have sex when it's hot.
In order to ease your mind about this impending doom here is a riddle wrapped in a satin and a string of pearls. I couldn't find anything on Jean Adair, except that a Jean Adair played one of the old ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace. I don't think this is the same woman... Wow-e-Wow!

The saddest part of "SIR" are the two full pages of Lonelyhearts ads. "Lonely - Why Be Lonely? Need a Friend? Y-B Lonesome? Loneliness Unnecessary! Some are mail order brides, some are singles clubs, but several promise not only an end to loneliness, they also guarantee rich brides. As one of the ads slogan says "No Man is good without a woman".

While you are waiting for your women to arrive in the mail, they give you the chance to read up on the sinful ways of others in the "Pleasure Primer". Surprisingly the publishers of this risque rag are offering a 10 day money back guarantee; I think that they were betting that their readers couldn't finish it in 10 days.

If you still can't get a women through shopping in the back of magazine or reading about it than there is always hypnosis. I mean who doesn't want the "thrill of imposing your will over someone".

Finally, a couple of cartoons.
This first one sums up the whole magazine. Enjoy!


David said...

Who the hell is Jean Adair?

Mike Lynch said...

Wonderful, scary stuff from another time. Those cartoons are actually impressive: well drawn, nice washes -- I wonder if this mag paid pretty well.

Love the "Superman" spit curl cover dude running away from what looks like glowing Necco wafers!

Linking this ASAP! This deserves many people looking in. Thanks, Johnny!

Aaron said...

Maybe Jean Adair is distantly related to Jean Nate, of bath lotion fame...