Monday, June 04, 2007

June Is Busting Out All Over My Women's Household Magazines!

Welcome to another entry of AHITH's Women's Household Magazine review. June is all about young love, the start of summer vacation and of course crafting. I'm foregoing the usual photos of elderly women with their quilts (and believe me this months issues were bursting at the staples with them) to highlight some of the younger members of the WH Family, with our Calling Young Homemakers section.

Carol Ann, Pat and Gail Anne, whose photos look like they could have come from the Missing Person's page, talk of their dreams of finding a "Long Letter Pal", and share their love of collecting marbles and driftwood. Pat (in the middle photo) is just 17 and likes to babysit and take care of her small apartment. With those steely eyes and Sissy Spacek attitude I have a feeling that she left Quanah, TX with the first handsome drifter that promised to take her out of that God-forsaken town.

Click "here" to see full page:

As always an issue of Women's Household would not be complete without a bit of creepy yarn. This one, called ominously "Smiling Tom" is craft work that Stephen King short stories are made of.

This has to be one my favorite Spice of Life pages.

From the Pet Peeves section...

  • My Pet Peeves is to be walking along on the sidewalk and have my hair net on my hair catch on some low hanging tree branch.
  • My Pet Peeve is to hear women in public criticizing their husbands when they are slaving hourly with the best that circumstances, education and environment will permit.

And in the 'Embarrassing Moments' section there is a fascinating tale of a women who hides from her gossipy neighbor in the closet until she nearly dies from lack of air. Click "here" to read the full page.

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With it you can go from Francis Farmer to Donna Mills or Patti Smith to Winona Rider with just a twist of your brush. And finally our "What's Your Problem" page. This month's problem asks the age old problem faced by people since the dawn of man: How do you stop people from trespassing on your land and stealing your rocks. Any suggestions? Click "here" to read the full page.

Until next month... happy summer and pleasant dreams!!!


Frankie said...

You nailed it with the "Stephen King short stories" comment...I hated that creepy yarn stuff when I was a kid. My mom made some, my grandmother made some, and our neighbors made some. I couldn't stand it then and used to wonder: What kid in their right mind wants to play with this stuff. Ewwwww.

Emily Sue said...

The pet peeves section is too much! Ha! I also lose my appetite when I see someone walk into a grocery store eating an ice cream cone...

David said...

29.95 for a wig back then? What's it made of, gold?

Mike Lynch said...

This is the reason -- these creepy, dreadful WOMEN'S HOUSEHOLDS -- that I bookmarked your blog many months ago, Johnny. I love these, for some dark reason I can't explain to myself, and always wonder if any of these real life women ever found anything near fulfillment in life, especially that Sissy Spacek looking lass.

Aaron said...

How to keep people from stealing your rocks? Well...I suppose it would help if they weren't rocks of CRACK!!!