Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sexual Misbehavior in the Human Male (Napkin Style)
Day One

This box fell out of a cabinet the other day, and as Shirley MacClaine would say, I took it as a sign. I've done the napkin joke thing before, but this box is the mother lode of stupid cartoons mixed with rotting paper products -- To quote the box: "36 cartoons "All Different"!!! Cartoons by Reamer Keller, Sex-Tistics by Percy Barker." The premise being some lame attempt to satirize the Kinsey Report.

I bought these about eight years ago at a sale that was filled with tons of booze related bric-a-brac. The house was on Clark Street and has since been torn down. It was a dust-filled, two flat with dark wood paneling, lots of WW2 memorabilia and a FULL bar in the living room; It looked like a lifetime of fun parties happened there. In fact, a lot of the booze was for sale. One of my favorite things from the sale is a bottle with a wind-up dancing ballerina encased in a gold speckled liqour . See video:

Somewhere among the dusty liquor bottles I found this dusty box of napkins.

I'm posting them all regardless of their mirth giving properties; and if only for the sake of ephemera. Enjoy... (I'll post the remainder over the next few days) :

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amanda said...

That bottle you have is an ooooold Goldschlager bottle. My friend has one and he's says that it's worth some money. Does the music box work?