Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Favorite BlogI need to draw your attention to Jesus Christ's Cool Blog. It's how I've been starting my day for about a month now, and I'm hooked. Jesus is just alright with me, but he's becoming my favorite blogger with such posts on his love for his lamb Karen who he dresses in Dora the Explorer t-shirts, his fondness for Quiznos and Beechnut Gum, and how he explains how he doesn't control the weather.

The Jesus blog answers the age old question, "What if God Where one of us"... and went on dates with his lady dentist who wanted to go to a poetry slam. And Jesus spoke: "Frankly, if given the choice? I'll take the cross." Or thoughts on depictions of himself in paintings " Take this guy's dumb painting for example. It's by some guy in Tennessee named Spencer Williams—WHOM I'VE NEVER MET—and it doesn't look anything like me! And who's that kid on my shoulder? I don't know him! I kind of don't like kids very much, and I certainly don't walk around hoisting them up on my shoulder."

I think this is the Jesus I've been looking for my whole life... Me and Jesus and some Popeye's Chicken; now that's what I call living holy!

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Rodrigo said...

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