Monday, May 07, 2007

May I Present another Issue of Women's Household...?

May is the time for the sounds of birds, the lovely sight of flowers blooming and the promise of new love. So why am I spending this beautiful evening scanning these moldy magazines... I ask you...?

Perhaps its just to spread the joy of posting this cute little old lady playing the guitar... or the wonder of Carla's hair, which looks like a flamingo has landed on her head.

Anyway, here are a few brief clips from the May issues. Spring is also the time for spring cleaning. Nothing makes me want to dust my knick-knacks more than Lila Stanley's Oddity Shop. I've been trying not to bring up the word 'despair' in connection with this publication and the women that are in it, but it's difficult not to when you read the sad story of Widow Stanley having trying to make ends meet by making Ripple Afghans.

Perhaps she could have made some extra money creating dinner plates featuring the horrific artwork of children. I should thank my parents for not preserving any of my Kindergarten Artwork on dinnerware.

and speaking of Embarrassing Moments... (click on image to make bigger). One of the women reader's embarrassing moment was when her bag of pears and apples was tipped over on the bus. Heavens! I'm assuming she's never had to do the walk of shame, trying to get a cab at nine in the morning, dressed in a ringmaster uniform from the previous night's Halloween party.

Not that ever happened to me!

I've nothing funny to say about this ad... I just thought it was weird.

And as usual, Missing Persons has some really sad stories. Parents who haven't heard from their children for years. Some are haunting; such as, my daughter and her children went on vacation in Canada and I haven't heard from them since. Click on this photo at your own risk.

And finally, this issues Problem of the Month was too depressing. A woman wanted to know what to do with her mother who no longer could see, walk, or hear! However, next month's question is amusing. You can just hear the ringing hands of the mother who doesn't know what to do with her rebellious children... Anyone care to tackle this question?


Aaron said...

I hate it when my apples tip over on the bus!

Ringmaster uniform? Try a full nun's habit (although sometimes that helps in getting a cab, at least until they see the beard--and even then...)

My mother did keep all the cards I made when I was a kid. I just saw some of them when I was visiting a while back. However, if she'd made plates out of them, she wouldn't be able to walk, see or hear anymore! :-)

Anonymous said...

My brother made a plate like that- he drew his grade school on it. My brothers and I would fight over who got it everynight at dinner. We all wanted to use the 'special' plate!


Anonymous said...

My pet peeve is when the phone rings while masturbating just as I'm about to cum.

Mrs. Ada Harper
Dyer, Indiana