Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This is one of those video clips that makes it worth all the Electric Magnetic Radiation I'm taking in from my monitor.

Note: To our my straight readers (and I know you're out there) gay bars are not nearly this fun. Although, I've never been to one when Lauren Bacall dropped in.

"Applause" which is a musical version of "All About Eve"; There have been rumors for a few years that Barbra Streisand was going to star in the movie version. After seeing this clip, she'd be nuts not to do it... can you just imagine!

Thanks Gary Airedale for sharing this... it made my day!


Aaron said...

Love it...Chicago Gay Men's Chorus sang this song for pride in 2001. It was about the only song I liked out of the whole set!

Daniel said...

Dear God... stay away from that pool table, Lauren; you never know what (or who) was on it last!

Bioco said...

Is this a Gay Blog???? I didn't noticed.