Wednesday, May 02, 2007

After Dark... Shopping

The video of Lauren Bacall dancing around a gay bar in 1972 reminded me of my collection of After Dark Magazines. If you don't own least a copy, get thee to ebay and buy at least one. They are a wonderful time capsule into not only the hidden and not so hidden gay culture, but how the gay ghetto was steering the American theatre, movie, and music business. On top of that they are freakin' entertaining...

This issue had an interview with John Huston, a nude photographer's profile, and a charming interview with Michelle Lee titled "It's Not Where You Start, It's Where you Finish", that would be at home in Ladies Home Journal. When writing about movies or theatre any excuse to show a shirtless photo of an actor is taken... even with someone as beige as Richard Benjamin. After Dark never said it was a gay magazine; just a magazine for people with disposable incomes, singles, couples with out children, and bachelors of all temperaments. But who are they kidding with a reviewer called Viola Hegyi Swisher?

Where After Dark Magazine really shines and sparkles for me is in its advertisements. Even today, gay men (I mean bachelors) are concerned about keeping their looks and youth. And nothing says 'youth culture' more than hair pieces. We've gone through the everyone shaving their heads phase... it would be great if hair pieces came back... I'd be first in line to get one...
In the 70s everyone had a nude art piece My brother had a black velvet painting of a nude woman riding a tiger and a wood carving of a naked couple making out on his living table. Thankfully we are past the age when we have to pretend to be arty to look at naked people. Otherwise we'd be stuck with these pieces of crap on our walls... (Is that a naked Paul Sand?)

This is a lovely alternative to mad-inflatable furniture... Soft sack furniture!
Just fill it with feathers or garbage!

Clothes make the man; or do they? Lew Magram, shirtmaker to the stars pushes that statement to the limit.
It takes a real man to wear a 'bodyshirt'. Especially one in gingham!
And why not accessorize with a dirty joke watch. Sure to catch that special someones attention when you are out at the Sundowner after you are finished with your business at the Sea Shack.
And finally... Perhaps a revival is in order. If only so we can invite Ann Coulter.

Happy Cruising!


David said...

I used to LOVE After Dark...I felt so naughty. I ahev one with Ann-Margret on the cover. Damn, I wish I had some of those Lew Magram bodysuits. I would wear one to you next viewing party.

Anonymous said...

About that Sundowner anouncment: THIS. IS. SPARTAAA!!

...sorry, I just had to say it.