Thursday, April 26, 2007

What I'm Watching...

I think just to give you a look into my everyday life I'm going to once in a while do a post about a movie that really touched or moved me in some way. "The Manatou" is one of those movies.

Made in 1978, starring Tony Curtis, Stella Stevens, Ann Southern, Burgess Meredith, and Michael "Mr. Barbara Eden"Ansara. It is a camp-tacular.

I think the last time I'd heard of this movie was in the summer of '78 when Paul Szumski and I went to Ford City after we'd stayed up all night long drinking iced tea and we tried to see how long we could stay up (I think we made it to 31 hours) Ford City had three connected theatres, and I remember our angst trying to decided between "The Manatou" and "The Swarm". We went for "The Swarm". Well "The Manatou" is almost (but not quite) as fabulously bad as "The Swarm". And it has that undefinable 70s horror movie camp quality that has never be duplicated. Has-been stars, horrible dialogue, over the top performances, paper mache special effects -- The 104 minutes flew by.

It's been a day since I've seen it and still the sight of a 50-something Tony Curtis in extremely tight Calvin Klein's is burned into my brain; man bulge has never been more prominent in a major motion picture; that and Stella Stevens smeared with orange make-up looking like an Umpa-Loompa. She is supposed to be some gypsy hippie mystic; Or Burgess Meredith looking like he's doing a roadshow production of the life of Colonel Sanders.

The basic plot, Susan Strasberg, finds a lump on the back of her neck which is growing really fast. She seeks comfort with an old lover of Tony Curtis, who is a scam Tarot card reader to rich women. Tony discovers through a seance with Ann Southern that it's the spirit of an old Indian medicine man. From there the hilarity ensues. Like all good camp the actors take their roles seriously and give it the ol' Hollywood try. I couldn't take my eyes off of it for a moment.
I give it three Shatners

Here's the trailer.


Aaron said...

I saw this movie on TV when I was 13. The part where she had the baby bulging out of her back totally grossed me out...

BOY, they must've needed the money!

David said...

I have to see this now. Anything Johnny C recommended is a MUST.