Monday, April 23, 2007

The National Tattler and other tales from Pulaski Avenue

I don't think being a tortured, boozing dead celebrity is ever easy. But nothing for Judy ever was... I should have saved this paper headline for Gay Pride month, but with all the Anna Nicole, Alec Baldwin, Britney Spears stuff in the news; it was time for a trip back to when trash reporting truly had some style. I'm sure a Judy-phile can name all the suspects in the photo, but I can only name the Scarecrow and I think that's Judy herself on the far right.

If you feel like reading the full article you can download it here. If not I'll give away the answer to the question. Who can argue with that?

The National Tattler was a true trash rag. A book by Tom Brickman has displays of several other covers with the sensational stories of "Boy Eats Girl" and "Man Pulls Out Tongue" So all things considered Judy got off pretty well. Most of the other articles are: "How the Democrats stole the black vote from the Republicans" or "Michael Caine is the New Don Juan".

I want to change my blog heading to read: Provocative Features of Unusual Interest.

I wish that there was a return of the paper dress. It's a natural in today's globally warmed-up society; Recycle our trash news and then wear it. And who wouldn't love clothes that never need washing or ironing. Although I'm sure you'd never catch Mrs Stinnett in one of these outfits.

I am happy to know that the National Tattler was a local Chicago mag (2717 N. Pulaski and currently the home of the Optimal Automatics Corporation) However when I think of Pulaski Avenue, yellow journalism really doesn't come to mind. I've often heard this about Aries, headstrong, determined, obstinate. Being an Aries, I can't say that's completely true of me, unless you are trying to take the remote control out of my hand.

And finally, a creepy cartoon... Just who was this magazine's audience?


Aaron said...

I'm not an Aries, but I have run myself down before. Once, when I left the car in reverse by accident when I was scraping the ice off the back window. (That's not what they meant, is it...?)

Mike Lynch said...

That is a creepy cartoon. I don't get it. I wonder if "Pit Grove" is a real name too.

David said...

Mike- The naked man is pretending like he's part of the statue so he can watch. God, am I the only pervert amongst the the Hole in the Head fanbase?

Aaron said...

Yes, David...did you really need us to tell you that? ;-)