Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 65th Birthday Barbra!

In honor of Babs birthday we visit one of the most troubling moments in her celebrity life... being dissed by Frank Sinatra!!!

Click "Here" to read the full shocking article.

I've been a Barbra fan since I was in high school. In fact, during a really lonely, dark period of my high school years I was a born-again Christian. That was until I started listening to Barbra records and found her high notes spoke louder to me than anything in that dreary old bible. And even though I have a love/hate relationship with her: I think she has one of the most amazing vocal talents, I also find her pompous and completely lacking in taste.

That being said here is a video of Barbra singing "Make My Garden Grow"... it's amazing example of her raw vocal power. Note: I first saw this video about six years ago; it was extremely rare. It was from her personal video footage of her home studio recording sessions for the sequel to the Broadway Album. Hence the jim-jams. This version of the album was never released, I guess she thought it wasn't banal enough. Anyway, now it's all over the Internet. The one disappointing thing is that the last 15 seconds are cut where she looks like she's going to pass-out and then says something snippy to the orchestra. Love that Barbra.

These videos were perfectly mocked by the one and only Halsted. Never fails to make me laugh!!! Happy B-Day B.S.


Aaron said...

I love Halstead's Barbara! He is completely dead-on perfect. (AND originally from Chicago, apparently, although he's lived in L.A. for many years.)

I, too, have always been a huge Babs fan. I spent many a Sunday afternoon as a kid listening to my mom's Babs records. I especially loved the disjointed and unfortunately trendy "What About Today?" and "Stoney End," not to mention her live version of "Where You Lead/Sweet Inspiration." I even loved "Prisoner," the theme song from that sucky "Eyes of Laura Mars" movie.

But I just couldn't pay $800 for a concert ticket...

Dave A. said...

John! Nice seeing you at the Handbag Happening last night.

My favorite Barbra will always be the Barbra of "What's Up, Doc?"

David said...

Loved her outfit!