Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Willow's Song or the post of the blatant plug.

As I must have mentioned before for several years I was part of a band called Bric-a-Brac. I started it in 1997 with Mike Armstrong. The whole premise of the band was to play songs that were little known. Sort of like a good mix tape of odd songs that you'd make for a friend. The video I've posted is our version of "Willow's Song". The song itself is hundreds of years old, but it was re adapted for the original "Wickerman" movie, and famously sung naked by Britt Eckland. I've not seen the re-make, but I can't imagine it out doing the out and out strangeness of the original: Part mystery, part musical, part horror movie.

Heard on this cut besides my vocals, are Mike Armstrong, guitar, Larry Blustain, piano, Erik Johnson, bass, Seamus Harmey, violin, and Evelyn Westin on musical saw. The video was a mishmash of video clips Mike and Erik did on my porch one summer night using my 70's fiber-optic sparkle light, and a macrame clown that we named Clowny.
Clowny was made by some distant family member and for some reason my mother gave it me. Most of his nose has been pulled out over the years, but he still retains most of his inert creepiness.

If you like this song and you are interested in buying a copy of the bric-a-brac album "16 Luxury Units" we've just put it up for sale on


Anonymous said...

Very cool rendition of 'Willow's Song'!
I especially like the saw.
Does Evelyn Westin know of the saw players gatherings in NYC? She might want to attend. If she does, she could get info from the organizers at


dirk.mancuso said...

Is Clowny drunk in the photo?

He has those little x's for eyes that all the cartoon characters get when they drink too much hooch.

Aaron said...

This is kewl! Pretty music, good visual effects. Clowny looks cute when illuminated by the fiber optics. My parents had a fiber optic lamp they got at Bergner's in Peoria when I was little. I found it in the attic when I was 13 and was so excited! But it wouldn't work...I was most peeved.