Monday, February 19, 2007

What the well-dressed dandy wore, circa 1938
or Mrs. Bunny Wall's quest to effete the American male.

Mrs. Bunny Wall's spring/summer fashions were featured in Life Magazine. I think she was designing for either Noel Coward and/or his boyfriends. Here our model wearing his "tropical panties" ponders the letter he will write his long suffering wife in New England.

In the next frame you can see he is being eyed by the local rough trade in their "Play suits", while he re-reads "Giovanni's Room" in his all-day shoe sandals.
This photo sort of surprised me. I hadn't thought men in tight latex trucks would be in a popular magazine until the 80s. Or maybe in "After Dark Magazine" in the 70s.
I have to ask, was Tennessee Williams a photographer for Life Magazine in 1939? These photos have Suddenly Last Summer written all over them. And Bayard Dillingham has to be my favorite new name.


Aaron said...

Yes, the do-nothing socialites of yesteryear DID have the best names, didn't they? Much more melodic than the current crop of tina-crazed, coke-addicted nasties like Paris and Nicole.

Anonymous said...

that palm tree growing out of that guys crotch is just a little suspicious!!


Johnny C said...

Dear Anonymous: How the hell did I miss that!!!

David said...

Well, la-dee-dah!