Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scrap booking Circa 1977

I've been working on my other blog, where I'm transferring my diary from 1977. In it I mention working on my scrapbook. Having not thought about this book for years, when I was at my parents last week I rummaged through the musty corner of the basement where I've been storing some long forgotten items. My scrapbook, like my diary is a peak into my 13 year old mind; Cluttered, badly laid out, and loosely taped to cheap paper, it's a collection of whatever was immediately taking my attention. Case in point, the clipping above, Donnie and Marie, a Richard Boone dinosaur movie, Farrah, Shirley MacClaine, Burt and Ernie and Harold Gould all find a place.

My scrapbook started because I had started to tack, glue photos around my room and bedroom mirror. It drove my mother nuts, so she made me take everything down and put them in this scrapbook. I guess I should be grateful, because there's some fun ephemera on these crumbling photos.

The above bumper stickers were from a campaign to vote to whether the Trix rabbit could finally eat Trix. According to the Topher Breakfast Cereal Guide, he'd won his campaign and was able to eat the cereal. At the time this vote was very important to me; at least more important than the Ford/Carter vote. Why the rabbit could not eat the Trix was frustrating for me for years; finally the nation had spoken, "Let the rabbit eat the sugar coated wheat!"

Dinah! Was an afternoon staple for years. Like Mike Douglas it was colorful and quiet; with Dinah asking the most non-offensive questions in the most pleasant way possible. I miss TV like that...

When Things Were Rotten was Mel Brooks first TV series since Get Smart. The critics that year all touted this as the new hit for the year. However, they put it opposite Little House on the Prairie and Tony Orlando and Dawn, it only lasted 12 weeks. I recall it being extremely funny, but then again I was 13.

There was a time when you couldn't turn on NBC without seeing McLean Stevenson on something. After he left MASH he tried to come back with the flop The McLean Stevenson Show... The closest we have to him today would be Jennifer Aniston.

Poor Shields and Yarnell; it was as if because mimes had gotten their own variety show was one of the signs of the Apocalypse. They were universally hated. I think I must have loved their show because I have two full pages dedicated to photos of them; Their show was a poor man's Donnie and Marie. I vaguely recall finding Robert Shields attractive in a manly bushy hair'd way. Note: Robert Shields is now the owner of a jewelry design company in Arizona, they got divorced in 1986. According to they are going to tour again; Lord help us all.

"Sorting It Out" was a light-news magazine that ran on the NBC affiliate Channel 5 on Saturday's at 6:30. Shelley Long, started out in Chicago as the Homemaker's Furniture Girl. From the popularity of the commercials she got this show with the Sportscaster Bob (King of the Comb-Over) Smith. They would do things like go to the Tootsie Roll Factory or meet someone with a strange hobby. Then Shelley would make Bob laugh; my mother and sister always speculated that Bob was in love with Shelley.

The Montefuscos was another butt of many a Johnny Carson joke. For some reason because of the success of the Godfather movies NBC thought that a Italian family comedy was just what the nation was clamoring for. Again, I think it lasted 6 weeks.

I included these two photos as an addendum to my post about Mary Hartman. Debralee Scott just pass away recently; According to her bio she just went to sleep and then didn't wake up. Her fiance had died in the World Trade Center. Bruce Solomon was a typical 70's heart throb, big head, big nose, hairy chest, and very sexy eyes. I always thought he'd become a big star.

I'll continue to scan more of these treasures in over the next few weeks, if only because now that I've take the scrapbook out of it's plastic the pages are turning to dust!



David said...

I used to love the theme song to Sorting it Out. I can;t believe you saved a picture from that show. Well, I guess I do believe it.

Mark said...

Treasures indeed

do you recall Rue McClanahan's one episode only sitcom BOMB called "Apple Pie" set in 1940s?

I still recall a joke from it

"(blind) grandpa wants the paper...he likes to smell the funnies."

Aaron said...

I thought Robert Shields was hot, too. And I couldn't figure out why, because I didn't know what "gay" was then. I thought Bruce Solomon was adorable in "Foul Play." Until he started bleeding on Goldie Hawn's popcorn. That was just yucky.

And I loved "The Last Dinosaur!" I especially loved the kitschy-70s soul-ballad-theme song, sung by Nancy Wilson (the jazz one, not the Heart one)...

Kat said...

Your scrapbook rocks!! Madonna must have been looking at the same TV week of Debralee Scott's feathered hair for inspiration for her new hairdo.

dirk.mancuso said...

Unlike Aaron, I found Robert Shields to be super creepy -- I think it was his eyes.

I thought Bruce Soloman was cute back then, but now not so much. My main man John Stamos has shown me the way.

GoGo said...

Hey, Love this blog. The scrap books are great!

Will be back!