Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some craft items to take your mind of of not having sex this Valentine's Day -- Via "Woman's Household" First -- Nothing says 'help me' more than Decoupage

Don't you know someone more depressed than you who would love an old oatmeal box pasted with construction paper hearts...?
Or how about an Andy Warhol candy conversation hearts holder.
Hang this mobile valentine centerpiece while you read your sweetie a lovely poem about your tools. Watch the sparks fly...
Written in lower right corner:
Of all the workroom tools I know
Mine are the dandiest
Of all the tinkering fools I know
I'm the unhandiest
I'd give my all to use an awl
But I'm a dope with it
In fact, you never saw a man
Less ambidextrous
I hope to heck a carpenter
Moves in right nextr-ous

and finally, a Valentine's Day scooper - for all your scoopin' needs.
Happy Valentine's Day...


BC said...

Thanks, Johnny, you always know when my mind needs redirectin'.
BTW, did you notice one of the crafts suggests using an old bleach bottle for party candy? Happy Valentine's, indeed!

Aaron said...

Oh my God, it's the magazine that inspired Iola Boylan!

Johnny C said...

You win the prize for most obscure reference in a comments page... I had to wikipedia that one...!!! But you are right I totally could see her having this magazine on her coffee table next to her knitting...

David said...

I'm dying to know what the 'Problem of the month' is!

dirk.mancuso said...

I can't speak for all shut-ins, but this one would indeed love a oatmeal box cum Valentine box like that.