Tuesday, February 06, 2007

RIP Frankie Laine

Sorry if this is getting like the celebrity death corner, but I could not let the passing of another 50s crooner go unmentioned. I've never been the biggest Frankie Laine fan; like all those Columbia Records artists under the direction of Mitch Miller, his songs were all a bit too novelty for my tastes. My favorite from this period is a song he did as a duet with Doris Day called How Lovely Cooks the Meat. My pals Heather McAdams and Chris Ligon did a lip sync of it for one of my shows. Click here to hear the Day/Laine version.

When ever I think of Frankie Laine story I recall that once I while driving to work WJJD, the Music Of Your Life station deejay made an announcement. He said that a family was gathered around the bed of their father in the hospital. The old man was dying and he had one last request to hear "That Lucky Old Sun". I just lost it once the song began to play.

So for that I'll always remember Frankie Laine.

RIP Mr. Laine.

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Gary said...

"How Lovely Cooks The Meat"?!?!? Where do you find these gems? Thats gotta be among the strangest recordings I've ever heard.