Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's great when you find a fantastic blog/website and you can't wait to try to be the first to send the links to all your friends. (The first one I remember being sent to me several years ago was James Lilek's site and his Gallery Of Regrettable Food; sections which made me laugh until I peed. His site is still one of the best for ephemeria; but his politics made me stop visiting. His blog became just Fox News Republician talking points, and it was making me angry to go there.)

It's even better when you know the person who created the fantastic site you are going to forward. That Site is Dorothy's Diary. This site was created by my pal Dave who mentioned to me several months ago that he had found his mother's teenage diaries and that he was going to create a website posting the diary entries. It gave me the idea to post my own teenage diary as a web blog: One Year Diary Circa 1977.

In L.A. there is a cemetary called Hollywood Forever. The manager of the cemetery bought it several years ago and saved it from becoming a forgotten place for old movie stars final resting places and turned it into a thriving business. (There is a documentary about the cemetary you should check out) One of their ideas is to make graves more interactive; so that people are just not names and dates, but video, writings, photos. Kiosks are placed around the cemetary that you can type in the name of person and then see information about them; It started with doing just the movie stars but are now being done on ordinary people.

I think this website of the diary does the same thing; It's an incredible memorial to his mother's memory.

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dirk.mancuso said...

I once found some old love letters of my mom's, but something tells me if I ever posted those, I'd have my nuts handed to me in a cup.

That documentary sounds interesting -- I need to look into seeing if it os on DVD.