Saturday, December 16, 2006

Singing Like I Meant It.
Years ago, I sang a lot. It's always been a passion; and I've sung in every situation you can think of: Tupperware Parties, Lion's Club meetings, gay bars at 3AM, frat parties, the middle of Lake Michigan, but lately just in my car on the way to work. Case in point, here are two performances ten years apart... one was in 1994 at Wigwood, Atlanta's version of N.Y's Wigstock. During the years I sang "Love For Sale" more times than I can remember. I used a scratchy Music Minus One album for my backing track. The drag mini-queen with me is the one and only Sugarbaby. A mini-masterpiece of a performer. I had no idea that she was going to join me during this performance... but I'm glad she did. RIP Sugar Baby!

Fast Forward to this Feburary, Gary and I were going to do a Karoeke love song contest on Valentine's Day. I suggested "Endless Love" because its one of the best of the 80s love song duets. The video is funny, because it's just us rehearsing what we were going to do on stage. We thought if we did this completely seriously the more absurd it would be; I'm doing my best Barbra Streisand meets Celine Dion video parody. As of this date this video has had 6300 views on Youtube. Which to me is embarrasing and very funny. My favorite thing is how creeky the floor is. Enjoy!!!


chococat said...

Wow..i like it muchly.

BC Kalz said...

Great vids!