Monday, December 18, 2006

Night Gallery Posters

I was looking through some Fate Magazines from the 70s this weekend and I came across this ad. $2!!! How much are these things selling for now! I always thought that the paintings were one of the best things about this show.


BC Kalz said...

itunes has Night Gallery now. I just watched 3 episodes!

Johnny C said...

I've not yet mastered the world of itunes... Is istupid.

Jim in LA said...

johnny - if you were here in LA, you could watch night gallery (starring rod serling, kind of...) on our bizarro UHF station that only weird al could love, KDOC.

i've got it tivo'd so i always have 5 episodes ready.

my faves are the "sixth sense" ones with gary collins before he took to all those infomercials.

Stephan said...

Wow, I actually bought one of these posters as a kid, #412 "Rare Objects" -- it came in a standard roll-up tube to my little Northern California town, pop. 7000 ca. 1975, and I had it on the wall next to my Lord of the Rings stuff. It freaked out my sister a bit, I think. The colors were really weird but I liked it a lot... Anyway, thanks for the blast of nostalgia, for some reason I have never forgotten that poster or the mail order ministry certificate I bought from the "Church of Gospel Ministry", Chula Vista, CA.