Monday, December 25, 2006


Me (at 3 years) circa 1966. This was the Christmas that my family still talks about; My mother went to Alden's Catalog Store and bought almost every toy she could find. My sister Cheryl woke me up at the crack of dawn to open presents, I was barely awake and really cranky. It was a heavily documented Christmas, with photos, 8mm film and audio tape. The highlight of the morning was when I took a metal plane and hit my sister over the head with it.

About ten years ago I worked for a radio show called "This American Life". I supplied them with music and sometimes contributed with a feature or two. (More on that later.) During that time, I gave their producer Peter Clowny my audio tape of this Christmas. He edited it into a cute segment illustrating that Christmas is all about expectation. Go to This American Life
and type in Episode 47; it comes up on their archive list. My segment is at the end of the stream, or buy a CD of it. I get residuals; it's one of their highest selling shows, David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries is also on it.

I transferred the tape to a digital file this morning. I offer a 7 minute clip of the tape CLICK HERE.

It was difficult to listen to it. This year hasn't been a good one. My mother is still dealing with the effects of her stroke from last year, and my brother continues to battle his cancer. 1966 truly feels like it was 40 years ago. Looking back that 1966 was the best Christmas ever.

So Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging to everyone. And Thanks for reading my silly little ramblings.


Anonymous said...

merry christmas johnny C!

We love you

- mike, leigh and Ginger-june

Graeme said...

I love your ramblings... ;)

ContentWorth said...

Great blog! I wanted to ask your permission to use your 8mm film footage on a new 8mm and Super 8mm film archive site -- free of course. It's launching in January and we want to increase the # of videos before "opening day". I'd love to use yours, it fits the social heritage + holidays + family history genres very well.

Thank you.


David said...

Love brother hit me over the head with a metal dump truck. Must be a thing younger siblings do...

BC Kalz said...

Great pics. Love the pop art xmas tree.
Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Johnny C. the Christmas tree pic is the best. Some how ironicly it reminds me of a nevada show girl in training. I loved Christmas when I was young too. I got the stuffed minature bull head. Bonus!