Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last Minute Xmas Shopping -- All That's New in '72!

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Although I love shopping on the Internet, there still is nothing like sitting on the pot with a cataloge. Suddenly things that you'd snub your nose up at in the Salvation Army Thrift store become that one item that you need to make your life complete.

There is something about 70's furnishings that are colorful, but at the same time have a feeling of the homely girl putting on too much make-up. I mean everything had (what the kids call today) bling!



Especially lamps. Growing up during this time was to be surrounded by colorful and crazy dangling lamps. Try explaining to your average teenager that you used to hang big glass balls from the ceiling on plant hooks, and that they didn't give off much light, but took up a large part of the room. I spent many a rainy afternoon seeing if I could hit the hanging swing lamp with a pillow to make it swirl light all around the room.

Even the appliances were groovy.

And although Target is now selling reproductions of plastic furniture, they hardly suggest that you furnish your whole home with it. My family had a blow up chair around this time. I recall that it only lasted about a week before it sprung a leak and then was put in the yard to cover up the tomato plants that winter.

Though never a drug user myself, I often partook of the paraphernalia. I still can almost taste the colors of the black light posters in my sisters room; Or the one my brother had over his couch in his living room of the nude African woman sitting on the tiger. And in our basement, before it because a huge storage room, the faux wood panel bar had lights in the front that came on with the music. For hours I would listen to stereophonic music mesmerized by the blink blink red right, the blick, blick blue left.

The bar in our basement was like a relic from a bygone day, by the time I was ten my parents had stopped having people over for parties and it stood empty and quite in the corner with it's smoking and drinking toys hidden in the shelves below along with my father's drill bits and hammers. The smoking items are particularily interesting; there was a big anti-smoking campiagn around that time. Smoking = Cancer, so nothing is funnier than death giving you a cigarette. I used to have a music box cigarette case shaped like a coffin that had a skull bring up a cigarette, while the death March played 'dum, dum, da, dum'.

So, happy Xmas shopping. Perhaps a coughing ashtray is just what your boss would like this year.


Anonymous said...

eeeuuuuwwwww! Too many items here are causing me to have bad flash backs to my mother .....I forgot I had issues!!!

BC Kalz said...

I recognize so much of that stuff. The 'Outta-Sight Freak-Out' playset is the best!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for this. The 70s were a difficult time!

Mike Lynch said...

This is just too good to not tell other people about. I gotta blog about your blog!

kat said...

Those lamps! My parents had the complete line of Spanish Inquistion metal lamps and furnishings in the 1970's. Ah, the memories.

Julie said...

John, We had that vacuum cleaner in green in the basement cedar closet. Did you see it there during one of the many Ouija parties? We also had the coffin skeleton box.

Anonymous said...

I actually have one of those coffin cigarette music boxes with skull and cross bones bringing a cigarette while playing the death march. Inherited from my grandfather and still has an unfiltered tarlton cigarette in it. It is one of my favorite heirlooms.