Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thax's Goodbye Show.

I've been lately been trying to go back to my lounge roots. My friend Marna introduced me to Steve, who I knew in high school when he was friends with the Radtke family, whose brother was in a band called Problem Dogs, and whom I probably went to a ton of parties with in the early 80s. Sometimes the world is just too small; because now I've been working with Steve on doing some standard stuff again. What goes around comes around. Steve is a fantastic guitar player and it's been fun trying to stretch to be as good as he is. Seamus plays violin on Nature Boy, a bit of a crossover from bric-a-brac. It's all Full Circle.

I will be writing soon about my past performing experiences, but for now I wanted to post my latest performance at Thax Douglas' going away show at The Hideout...


Dear Constant Reader:

And my apologies for my lack of posts... My computer at home got a horrible virus
script on it and I had to redo the whole thing.

I'll be back up to speed again next week.


mr Pussypants said...


First- tell Thax I miss him and hope to to see him again in the sunshine...

Now for you-
God, within thirty seconds I had a chill creep up my spine until the tears began to pour out. Your voice of song has always been able to make me feel memories I don't even remember ever having. Those nights you sang me to in my bed I cherish as much as those imprommtu Clare Hogan performances you gave- whether in public or private, your gift has been to make a song come from thje heart. How I wish I had your gift, but don't we all want what we don't have?

a kiss on your house!
Mr. Robert Pussypants

Anonymous said...

Hey that guy on the guitar is really cute! What's his name? Where can I see him again??

Anonymous said...

I have a "feeling" that guy on guitar can read my thought!

Anonymous said...

Or is he just "Raving Mad"?

Anonymous said...

Do you remember a song from television for New Freedom Maxi pads? That guy on guiter reminds me of those.